22nd March 2018
We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to run our jobs on sites around the UK Read More
5th December 2017
Dorothea Restorations had the privilege to restore the Rood Screen and the altar rail during 2017. Read More
5th December 2017
Dorothea Restoration has been awarded the manufacturing of over a 150 bespoke Zinc lattice window for a project in Belfast. Read More
13th April 2017
Dunster Watermill machinery maintenance Read More
27th March 2017
We are looking for a specialists to join our team in Bristol Read More
14th March 2017
We are currently recruiting for 2 site Foreman to join our team here in Bristol Read More
19th January 2017
Dorothea Restorations complete the restoration of the heritage ironwork at Quarry Bank Mill Glasshouses. Read More
24th August 2016
The reinstatement of The Iron Duke to Bradford on Avon Read More
1st August 2016
Work has been very busy over the last few months painting and re -constructing Read More
1st April 2016
Phase 2 of The Great Conservatory Read More
1st March 2016
Restoration work has commenced on Quarry Bank Mill Glasshouse Read More
7th August 2015
Work is now complete on the restored waterwheel Read More
18th July 2015
Holywells Park Orangery Officially Re Opened Read More
28th May 2015
Phase 1 works on The Great Conservatory Read More
15th January 2015
Dorothea Restorations enter the second phase of our exciting restorations process Read More
21st October 2014
The restoration of Tracey Farm waterwheel will start shortly Read More
21st October 2014
The Orangery at Holywells Park in Ipswich has now been glazed. Read More
21st October 2014
Dorothea Restorations supports the Bulgarian Partners Trust Read More
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