Wrought and cast iron gates, railings and parapets with comprehensive architectural metalwork restoration

Dorothea Restorations is an established UK specialist in architectural metalwork and the care, repair, restoration, conservation and creation of cast iron railings and wrought iron gates.

We provide all the services required for the successful repair and restoration of traditionally crafted railings, gates and parapets using both cast iron and wrought iron (also known as puddled iron or recycled wrought iron).

Our engineering services for gates include not only a repair and restoration service for the cast iron or wrought iron fabric of the gates, but also the bespoke ironwork specialists required to work with the more sophisticated hinging and hanging mechanisms.

And wherever new but traditionally-crafted entrance gates and railings are required, we offer a unique new-build and replication service for clients. Covering the complete process from design and manufacture through to installation, we offer a range of options that allow customers to find so the highest quality solution for any environment.

As fully bespoke ironwork specialists, our cast iron restoration and wrought iron repair include the Buxtonia Conservation Railing System, designed specifically for designated conservation areas and other sensitive locations. This system embodies traditional methods of manufacture and installation, with components being hot-forged and pinned and bolted together with no unsightly welding, all by our own skill blacksmiths. Hot-dip galvanizing or hot zinc metal sprayed coatings ensure long life, and the system is available in genuine wrought iron if required. 

Whether restoring wrought iron (‘puddled iron’), traditional cast iron, steel, or a range of decorative and gilded finishes, Dorothea Restorations is the first choice for heritage railing restoration and gate conservation.