Metal conservation and the restoration and repair of historic metal objects

Dorothea Restorations has been at the forefront of historic metal object repair, restoration and conservation deploying interventive methodologies for more than 30 years.

With all historic metal conservation and restoration work, our aim is to:

  • Retain as much existing material as possible using interventive methodologies

  • Repair sympathetically rather than renewing

  • Use (where at all possible) traditional techniques and materials wherever renewals are unavoidable

  • Avoid changing historic appearance as little as possible – consistent with achieving a stable condition for the metalwork

  • Record in detail the artefact before, during and after conservation work especially by measured drawing and photographing, and ensure the secure and stable long term storage of records

  • Instruct those concerned with on-going care and maintenance in the correct procedures and processes

  • Work restoration to the highest standards consistent with the original style of manufacture


Our skilled craftsmen and craftswomen can guide you through every stage of conservation, restoration or repair project, no matter how complicated. Our work in this field includes:

  • Initial consultancy to help you decide on the best approach for every part of the project

  • Recording and dismantling, whether the item will be worked on-site or back in one of our two dedicated workshops

  • Cleaning – whether a complete blast clean, flame cleaning or manual/mechanical cleaning

  • A full range of repair and join techniques including:

    • electric arc welding

    • plate repair

    • stitch repair

    • adhesive / resin repair (conservation)

  • Replacement parts

  • Finishing

    • spray or brush painting

    • galvanising steel

    • gilding

  • Specialist joinery and carpentry

  • Specialist glazing

  • Reassembly

  • Support and after-care consultancy