Dunster Watermill

13th April 2017

Following on from the manufacture and installation of the second waterwheel at Dunster Mill, Dorothea were commissioned to overhaul the machinery associated with it.  The aim to bring back into working order such that flour could be produced to the same quality as the first wheel.

These works were carried out during the first few months of 2017 and involved some of the following:

  1. Re secure / tighten pit wheel end plumber block holding down bolts
  2. Alignment of upright shaft, and associated gearing
  3. Checking and renewing of all bearings, renewal where required
  4. Renew of all Great Spur Wheel teeth
  5. Dismantling and dressing of a pair french bur millstones, re packing the neck box and replacement of bronz guide bearing

Once complete the mill was run and prodcued good quality flour, equally as good as the current set being used.

Dunster mill now have a back up set of stones should they be required in the future.