The perfect team for UK heritage engineering, restoration and conservation projects

Dorothea Restorations was born from a love of the machines that helped power the Industrial Revolution - and that passion still runs deep through our business.

Calling on our skills and experience in both metalworking and traditional engineering materials (wrought iron and cast iron, plus associated materials), Dorothea Restorations offer the most comprehensive industrial restoration service of its kind in the UK.

Our work is carried out for public institutions and private clients alike, and covers the widest range of industrial and heritage engineering equipment, both static (beam engines, pumping engines, expansion engines) and operating locomotive engines.

All our industrial restoration work is guided by a detailed Conservation Policy, with our primary objective being to retain as much of the existing fabric, and as many of the original operating properties, as possible and appropriate.

Where required, we then look with the client at repair or replication, along with bespoke solutions to suit every environment - such as replacing original steam locomotion with modern electrical alternatives for museum display.