Cast metal restoration and conservation of bronze sculptures, statues and fountains

Dorothea Restorations offers a comprehensive bespoke metalwork service to tackle any and all structural problems found in Victorian fountains, historic sculptures, memorials and plaques.

Our expertise in this field of restoration is based on our bespoke metalwork engineering experience and implicit understanding of cast metals including bronze, iron and lead. 

Cast metals were employed for sculptures long before the Victorian era in order to offer durability, strength and the ability to retain the finest of detail. However, all cast sculptural metals are brittle and over time become vulnerable to frost and impact damage often requiring restoration.

Bronze and lead have been in use since antiquity, largely due to being castable at low temperatures. Both are durable metals with pleasing natural surfaces which weather well – although the appearance of bronze was often enhanced by artificial treatment or patination. Lead, being soft and heavy, usually requires an internal metal support armature, and this is inevitably susceptible to rusting.

Cast iron, a keynote product of the industrial revolution, is also strong and durable, but difficult to join. As a result, it is vulnerable to water penetration and requires painting.

From initial condition surveys and repair specifications through to major restoration projects, Dorothea Restorations offers an unrivalled service to restore cast metal sculptures, plaques, memorials and fountains to their former glory.

As well as our specialist cast metal restoration and repair skills, we also offer the engineering skills and specialist expertise required to transport major artefacts and monuments and to disassemble and reassemble all associated mechanical elements (such as pumps, filters, platforms and rotational systems).