Heritage engineering and architectural wrought and cast iron bridge specialists

Dorothea Restorations offers the unique breadth and depth of architectural, ironwork and heritage engineering skills required to restore confidence to historic bridges built with heritage ironwork techniques.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • knowledge of heritage ironwork – the historic context, constructional detail and materials
  • understanding the mechanisms of deterioration – wear, corrosion, settlement and damage
  • a clearly defined conservation policy covering all work
  • modern plant, equipment and premises

We provide initial consultancy services on iron bridges including condition surveys, conservation reports, repairs specifications and project costing.

We can then project manage or implement the complete restoration programme. Some projects require work principally in situ , while others require disassembly, off site work and then reassembly.

Work typically includes various combinations of repair, strengthening, cleaning, finishing and the replacement of missing elements – and in all areas we offer an unrivalled track record.

Whether there are rail bridges, road bridges or footbridges, from gentle park settings to the most demanding town centre or coastal locations, Dorothea Restorations is the contractor of choice across the UK and Ireland for the restoration of historic iron bridges and repair work heritage ironwork.