Finishing the year a little Zinc

5th December 2017

Dorothea Restorations completes the year with a project which has challanged all within our workshop. We have been given the opportunity to develop and produce over 140 zinc lattice window, both opening and fixed for an overseas project.  We have spent the past few months researching and learing how these types of windows were produced, then developing our own methods that combine traditional tecniques with modern machinery and practices. 

The zinc windows are constructed using cast glazing bars and hollow pressed outer frame section.  Although these windows are of traditional desgin they are required to operate in a robust fashion so development is ongoing regarding hidden reinforcing structures within the pressed frames to support hinging points and window furniture.

Our workshop is currently in the prep phase with the aim to deliver the first windows early next year. Our Craftsmen have under gone extensive training over the last three month to ensure that even thought the window are handmade, the finish is consistent and the quality remain of the highest standards. During the last few weeks of December we will be casting over 3000 components and folding over 600 lengths of frame ready for the new year.


We would like to wish all our Clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to what 2018 has to offer.