Installation of new sustainable energy source

28th April 2022

After six months of preparation Dorothea Restorations is the proud owners of a new 24kWp Solar Photovoltaic Panel system design to provide enough energy to cover our daily activities, whilst the sun is shining in Bristol. The is has been installed on the roof and is directly connected into a fuse board resulting in Dorothea using all the energy we need and any surplus energy being push back into the national grid.  The system is designed to reduce our carbon footprint by 12 tonnes annually and provides free energy to the Natioanl Grid in the summer evening while the sun is shining. 


This does not only help us in our effort to become more sustainable but also reduces our energy cost during a period where energy costs are affecting the conservation industry dramatically. The ability to absorb the increase in energy cost without the need to pass this on to our customers is invaluable and provides customers with even more value for money. We are currently looking at expanding the system to incorporate a battery storage system which should provide us with energy for electric vehilces or to use whilst our energy usage is higher than normal.