Restoration of a unique Georgian Laylight

12th December 2019

Dorothea started the new year 2019 with the dismantling of the large 78 square-metre Art Deco lay light, carefully removing one piece of glass at a time and at the same time supporting the suspended frame. The lay light consists of over 330 unique pieces of glass. None of the pieces was interchangeable, even though they roughly look the same size. The wrought-iron structure is thin and flexible with wonderful decorative ironwork pinned to the main star section of the lay light. 

Our team ensure that all the components were removed, tagged, protected and transported to our workshop in Bristol where each component was inspected and fully restored before travelling back down the M4 for installation. Our team managed to transport hundreds of pieces of glass through Harrods distribution tunnel and install them on-site without any breakages which is a testament to Dorothea's professional care. 

The restored Georgian lay light and new lighting have transformed the restaurant making it a must-see part of the Harrods experience for all to enjoy.