Case study: Alscot Estate Cast Iron Gate

These gates were hit by a lorry whilst in their open position, the lorry caught the leading edge of the gate causing significant damage to one gate leaf, moving one stone pier shaft about 1ft off its plinth and causing minor damage to the other gate leaf.


Alscot Estate

Contract Type:

Cast Iron Gate Repairs

Duration of contract:

4 months

Scope of works:

Full restoration of the main entrance gates




Set in 4,000 acres of beautiful Warwickshire countryside, mainly within the parish of Preston-on-Stour, Stratford-upon-Avon, Alscot a thriving country Estate has been in the West family for over two hundred years. 

There are two main cast and wrought iron gates at the entrance to Alscot Estate set between two stone piers. The Gates consist of wrought iron outer frames with intermediate horizontal rails tenoned and riveted together in the traditional manor. Inset into this at the base are two decorative cast iron panels. Upright palings and central motif along with decorative overthrow are also cast iron. Each element has concealed pins fixing it into the main gate structure. The overall size of the gates are 5ft 4” wide x 9ft high.


Restoration works undertaken: 


In the first instance the gate was dismantled into its component pieces, elements were laid out and pieced back together using a combination of pinning and cast iron welding. Some elements were beyond repair and these were re cast in grey iron. Where possible the frame was reclaimed except for the closing stile which was replaced in wrought iron. Once all the repairs were completed the gates were blast clean to SA2.5 and an epoxy paint system applied.

On site the stone pier was lifted using a crane lorry and re set on a lime mortar base. The automatic opening system was re calibrated and tested. 

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