Case study: Dunster Watermill

Proudly working with the National Heritage, Dorothea were called in to provide essential maintenance works to ensure Dunster Mill so as it could still provide the local residents with freshly milled flour.


National Trust

Contract Type:

General Maintenance

Duration of contract:

1.5 months

Scope of works:

Replace phosphor bronze bearing, 3 no radial arms and all wedges within the wheel to ensure to wheel remains rigid.




The mill was constructed around 1780 and is one of the few mills to have two waterwheels side by side.  It was closed in 1962 but had one of its wheels rebuilt in 1979 (shown in the picture opposite). From that point onwards it has been used to grind flour through one set of French burr millstones. Both wheels were powered by an overshot launder with a control gate mid point between the two. You needed a good head of water to run both wheels at the same time!


Works undertaken:


Dorothea Restorations have carried out some essential maintenance on the waterwheel to reduce water leaks and replace component with substantial wear. Dorothea Restorations is proud to work with the National Trust to ensure the Dunster watermill remains operational and that the volunteers are able to provide the local community with freshly mill flour.


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